Interview Pro-Tips

This video was produced at the request of a company executive to provide a fun way to liven up HR presentations on how to conduct job interviews. I was given some basic information to include in the video and left to write a script and execute from there. I was also asked to use non-professional talent; both people in the video are members of company leadership.

Despite the challenges and limitations that were imposed on this project (non-actors, two weeks to complete the entire production from inception to completion, and a budget of $900) we were able to deliver an end product that is engaging and a welcome change of pace in the midst of lengthy HR presentations.

I fulfilled writing and directing roles, along with completing all production design, cinematography, editing, visual effects and compositing work for the project, which makes heavy use of greenscreen compositing due to a limited budget.

Written, Directed, and Photographed by: Philip Heinrich
Associate Producer: Doug Simpler
Motion Graphics by: Jekris Certeza

Video presented here for portfolio purposes only.