Exploring the lives of Physicians.

This series is the basis of a campaign called 'The Moment,' which explores the turning points in physicians' lives when they decided to go into medicine. This series was conceived as a real-world companion piece to 'Prepared.'

Working with two animators, I developed a unique, hybrid computer and traditional animation style for the project from storyboards to rendering to final compositing and color.

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by: Philip Heinrich
Written by: Doug Simpler, Philip Heinrich
Produced by: Doug Simpler, Philip Heinrich
Associate Producer: Jeremy Hernandez
Animation by: Jekris Certeza, James Morr, Philip Heinrich

Videos are presented here for portfolio purposes only.

Selected Works

PreparedVideo Spot

The MomentProject type

Grow BolderVideo Spot

Bricks in MotionFeature Film

Saved in SecondsCommercial Web Series

Your Sight MattersVideo Spot

Job Interview Pro-TipsCommercial Video

Women in MedicineVideo Spot