Bricks in Motion

Bricks in Motion is a feature length documentary about people who make stop motion animated films with LEGO. It explores the lives, motivations, and creative philosophies of a wide variety of characters around the world. These hobbyists ran a wide gamut of lives and locations, ranging from a stay-at-home mom in San Diego, California, to a television director in Halifax, Canada, to a radio DJ in Stuttgart, Germany.

The documentary was shot over 2014 and 2015 in five countries. I personally interviewed 30 people for the film, shooting approximately 60 hours of interview footage in all.  It was also an experience in planning the logistics of a video production reliant on large amounts of travel, both domestically and internationally. It challenged us to produce high quality results with limited time and resources. In 2018, it was picked up by Cinemation for distribution on major platforms (Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU).

With a total schedule from the beginning of planning to the completion of production spanning 16 months, this was a large project, but one which was completed on budget and on schedule.

I edited the trailer above, as well as a preliminary teaser trailer made during production for our Kickstarter backers.

I also oversaw the fundraising campaign for the film, working with co-producers Nathan Wells and Doug Vandegrift. Because I own and operate the world’s largest online community devoted to stop motion animation,, I was able to harness this community to drive a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the film.

The campaign met its goal with two weeks to spare, going on to meet multiple stretch goals. In the end, we raised over $15,000 for the film, and produced a variety of rewards for our backers ranging from custom LEGO sets to a DVD collection of animated short films. Leading a successful crowdfunding campaign was a challenging experience, but one which proved to be a successful endeavor.

The Bricks in Motion Documentary Kickstarter

Bricks in Motion

Directed by: Philip Heinrich

Produced by: Philip Heinrich, Zach Macias, Nathan Wells, and Doug Vandegrift

Edited by: Philip Heinrich

Directors of Photography: Philip Heinrich and Michael Macasa

Music by: Philip Heinrich and Joseph Frank

Year of completion: 2015

Running time: 85 minutes

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