Grow Bolder


This spot was created for a campaign to raise awareness about colon cancer health on behalf of AMSURG. The American Cancer Society has lowered its recommended age for screenings from 50 to 45 – so, our goal was to create a campaign that reflects the reality that being of age for colon cancer screenings doesn’t mean you’re elderly or that your life is any less active or interesting than it used to be.

In addition to the 30-second piece, numerous cutdowns were produced for a variety of target audiences. A few examples:

Grow Bolder: Fashionista | Grow Bolder: Car Enthusiast | Grow Bolder: Women

Visuals were achieved in-camera using projection techniques – no greenscreen or complicated post-production required. The result is a dynamic, naturally photographic visual style.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Philip Heinrich
Script and Concept by: Doug Simpler
Producers: Philip Heinrich, Doug Simpler
1st AC: Michael Macasa
Gaffer: KC Kennicutt
Art Director/ Costume Designer: Philip Heinrich
Motion Graphics: Jekris Certeza, Philip Heinrich
Artwork: Rachael Round

Video presented here for portfolio purposes only.