In Paradise

In Paradise is a feature length sci-fi drama film, starring critically acclaimed stage and screen actor Steven Pounders. I completed the film as my masters thesis project for Baylor University, working with a crew of fellow students. I wrote the screenplay, and shared directing duties with Aaron Youngblood. I also edited the above trailer for the film.

Amidst work and full-time classes, we completed this ambitious project in a span of 18 months, managing a mid-size crew and 36 filming locations. Leading a small team, I completed 250 visual effects shots for the project, ranging from CG animation to miniature photography; I also composed over an hour of music for the film.

This was a great experience in delivering a large project on a tight schedule while striving for excellence in the production values with limited resources, and working together to lead a team of dozens of actors and crew personnel.


In Paradise

Directed by: Philip Heinrich & Aaron Youngblood

Produced by: Rose Youngblood, Aaron Youngblood, & Philip Heinrich

Written by: Philip Heinrich

Starring: Steven Pounders, Devin Perry, Fletcher Inzer

Year of completion: 2014

Running time: 105 minutes