Cave is an animated fantasy short film I completed as my undergraduate thesis film at Baylor University. I wanted to challenge myself by working in a medium I had not worked in before: in this case, 2D animation. I created hundreds of watercolor backdrops for the film, completing it over the course of a year. I wanted it to have a fantastical, storybook feel and drew inspiration from the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Alfons Mucha, as well as Plato’s Republic.

I worked with a voice cast of talented actors as well as a sound designer. The rest of the film was completed by me.

Honors awarded to 'Cave'


Directed by: Philip Heinrich

Produced by: Philip Heinrich

Written by: Philip Heinrich

Starring: Victoria Nicolette, Amber Weiss, Jake Abell, Steven Pounders

Year of completion: 2012

Running time: 17 minutes