Telling stories through film and video is a lifelong passion for me. Over the past eighteen years, I’ve written, produced, and directed commercial videos and films of all kinds, including multiple feature length productions.

I’m excited to share some of my work with you, and I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email me via the contact page, or visit my LinkedIn profile.

About Philip

Philip Heinrich portrait

I currently work as lead video producer at Envision Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company with brands in a variety of areas in the medical industry. I write, direct, and produce documentary-style and scripted narrative projects for the company as needed, while also overseeing production on additional projects I contract to other video professionals. For some examples of what I’ve created, please take a look at my work.

I’ve also worked as a visual effects artist and editor for a wide variety of clients, including independent film productions, Baylor University, Balcom Agency, and the LEGO Group. I recently completed Bricks in Motion, a feature length documentary I shot, directed, and edited. I also produced the film with a team of other filmmakers, raising $15,000 in financing through crowdfunding and other fundraising means. We completed the film on-budget and on-schedule in December of 2015.

I’ve always been interested in movies and storytelling; as a child I made, movies with methods ranging from plastic dinosaurs on wires to computer animation. By high school, I became an award-winning stop-motion animator. I studied film at Baylor University, completing my masters degree in 2014. During this time, I made several more award-winning short films and also became the owner and administrator of, the world’s largest online community devoted to stop-motion animation. I also completed my masters thesis film, an ambitious feature length drama titled In Paradise.

I am an experienced filmmaker and project leader with the skills necessary to deliver powerful results with limited time and resources. As a proven producer with experience in feature films, corporate video, and short-form web content, I know what it takes logistically to plan and execute video projects great and small. I’m also a passionate director and editor, capable of working with or leading a team to create impactful, high quality work.